Sell My Rental Property Fast

  • Sell your rental with tenants still in it
  • Sell your rental property as-is - no repairs.
  • No closing costs or realtor commissions.
  • Work with experienced home buyers in Texas

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    How Can I Sell My Rental Property Fast in Indiana?

    Are you a tired landlord looking for a quick rental home sale? Tired of paying high property taxes, making repairs, and dealing with difficult tenants? Now is the time to unload your property and move on. At HouseMart, we making selling a rental easier than ever with a cash home sale. We buy houses as-is in DFW, Texas. 

    When you sell to a HouseMart real estate investor, you avoid closing costs and realtor commissions. Plus, you sell your house as-is and skip home repairs, staging, and showing. We work with rental property owners just like you who need a quick home sale solution. Contact us today when you are ready to sell your rental home. We simplify the process and put cash in your hands in as little as a week.

    What Happens if I Want to Sell My Rental Property?

    If you are getting ready for a rental property sale, you don’t have to wait until the lease expires or for potential buyers to secure a mortgage loan. Our cash home sale solution allows you to skip a traditional home sale and close the deal faster. Sell your house right now in four easy steps.

    Step 1: Give Us a Call

    A quick 10-minute phone is all it takes to help you sell your house fast. We share how our process works and get details about the house and your current situation.

    Step 2: Schedule a Quick Walkthrough

    Schedule an In-person 30-minute appointment for a member of our team and a contractor to walk through. Feel free to ask questions and tell us about your property.

    Step 3: Get a Fast Cash Offer

    If we like what we see, we’ll make an offer. If you accept the agreed purchase price, we complete a contract that covers the details of the deal, including closing date, closing costs, etc.

    Step 4: Close the Sale

    We submit the contract to the title company and expect to close in as little as seven days. We pay all closing costs. On the day of closing, you walk away with a check.

    Should I Sell My Rental Property with Tenants in it in Indiana?

    Yes, in Indiana, you can sell a rental property that currently has tenants. When you sell, the lease agreement (if there is one) typically transfers with the property. The new property owner must honor the terms of the original lease until it expires. Selling a property doesn't automatically terminate existing leases, and tenants have the right to remain in the property under the conditions in their lease agreement.

    However, selling a rental property with tenants in place requires clear communication with the occupants to ensure a smooth transition. It's essential to keep them informed about the sale, property showings, and potential changes in property management. HouseMart local buyers can help you through the process, guaranteeing a smooth transaction.

    What Are the Benefits of Selling My Rental Property As-Is for Cash?

    Selling your property the traditional way can be an uphill climb at best. HouseMart offers a seamless, professional approach to selling your rental property as-is for cash.

    Let Our Local Home Buyers Handle Your Tenants

    Navigating tenant relations during a property sale can be complex. With HouseMart at your side, there's no need for concern. We specialize in managing tenant communications, ensuring the transition is fluid and respectful. Our local home buyers help with tenant relationships to avoid conflicts.

    Work With Experienced Home Buyers

    Our experienced home buyers buy properties and handle every transaction professionally. Selling your rental to us means working with experts who meet your needs and offering a smooth and beneficial sale process.

    Sell Your House for Any Reason

    Every property owner has unique circumstances and reasons for selling a rental house. You may be dealing with difficult tenants, or the constant demand for property maintenance is taking its toll. Some people may choose to retire from being a landlord or sell their property because its value has decreased. Whatever the motivation, HouseMart can facilitate your sale, providing a solution tailored to your needs.

    Sell Your House Fast

    HouseMart offers an expedited sale process, closing deals in as little as seven days. This speed ensures that you swiftly capitalize on market conditions and promptly access the equity in their assets.

    Sell your house without making any repairs

    Many property owners struggle to fix and renovate their property before selling it. HouseMart alleviates this concern. We acquire properties in their existing condition, removing the financial and logistical burden of renovations from the seller.

    Other benefits of selling your rental property include long term capital gains, cash flow, quick rental income, and a healthy tax break. Whether you’re working through a property manager or your home is a primary residence, you can unload your property quickly with our cash home sale solution.

    Sell Your House Fast in Northern Indiana

    If you need to sell your house fast but don’t want the hassle of a traditional home sale, contact HouseMart. We buy houses as-is. No repairs are needed. Avoid closing costs and realtor commissions. Close in as little as seven days. Call 219–230-8735 for a fast cash offer from our local home buyers in Indiana.

      Get Your Fair & Honest All-Cash Offer Today! No Obligations!

      By submitting this form, you agree to our Conditions of Use and Privacy Policy. You may receive both automated and personal text messages. Reply STOP at anytime to opt-out.

      Or Call Us Now At 219-230-8735

      Frequently Asked Questions About Cash Home Sales in Indiana?

      What is a cash home sale for rental properties?

      In a cash home sale, we buy your house as-is and pay cash. The transaction is private. There is no need for a real estate agent or loan approval.

      Why should I consider cash sales for my rental property?

      A cash home sale from HouseMart eliminates the hassles associated with traditional property sales. You avoid the challenges of property showings, mortgage approval waiting times, and potential deals falling through.

      Will HouseMart provide a competitive offer for my rental property?

      We offer a fair market value for your rental property. We never try to lowball you or take advantage of your situation.

      Do I need to evict my tenants before selling to HouseMart?

      No. We take over working with your tenants after you sell the rental property.

      How fast can HouseMart close a deal?

      We can never guarantee a timeline. In most cases, we close most deals between one to three weeks. It is possible to sell your rental house in as little as seven days.

      Do I need to make repairs before selling my rental property?

      We buy houses as-is. No need for repairs, inspections, or appraisals. You don’t have to stage or clean the house.