Sell Your House During Divorce in Northern Indiana

  • Speed up your divorce settlement.
  • Get an offer in 24 hours, sell in 7 days.
  • We work with both parties to sell the house.
  • No realtor fees, closing costs, home repairs.

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    Sell Your House for Cash During Your Divorce

    If you’re getting a divorce and need to sell your house fast, we can help. HouseMart works with home sellers in situations similar to yours. We can assess your property and make a cash offer in 24 hours, and close the deal in as little as 7 days. We buy houses as-is for cash in Northern Indiana.

    When you sell your house to HouseMart, you skip all the selling expenses that can drain your bank account.

    • No home repairs
    • No closing costs
    • No hidden fees
    • No realtor commissions.

    We make an offer that works for you. You simply accept our offer, transfer the title, and walk away with no strings attached. It’s the fastest way to sell your house and expedite your divorce settlement. Our buyers can work with all parties to ensure a smooth real estate transaction.

    Fill out our online form or call 219-230-8735 to get a fast cash offer. Sell your house fast in Northern Indiana with Housemart.

    We’ll Buy Your House Regardless of Why You’re Selling

    Is divorce putting you in a financial bind? Has your house been vacant for several months while you try to work out your divorce settlement? Regardless of your situation, we can work with you to sell your house right now. HouseMart buys houses as-is from home sellers in all types of circumstances, including:

    Foreclosure or Bankruptcy

    Divorce can often lead to late mortgage payments. This may lead you to believe that you have no choice but to file bankruptcy or give up the house in foreclosure. We provide a way out of financial hardship by buying your house and paying cash right now. Use the proceeds to pay your debts and get out of your mortgage. Save your credit as you move to the next stage of your life.


    Are you relocating after the divorce? If so, we can help you move faster by buying your house and coding in as little as one to three weeks. We take care of all expenses so that you can move faster. Take the proceeds and use them to get into your new home or apartment. You can sell your house fast during relocation and start your new life.

    Vacant Houses

    Whether your house is old, vacant, or abandoned, you can still sell it without having to hire a realtor or list it on the market. We buy all types of properties regardless of their condition or your situation. We make it possible to sell your property today.

    How Do I Sell My House for Cash Divorce?

    A traditional home sale can delay your divorce settlement by several months if you don’t have the money for selling expenses or you can’t find a buyer. There are too many hoops to jump through to land a deal. HouseMart simplifies the selling process with a cash home solution. Sell your house in only a few steps:

    Step 1: Give Us a Call

    A quick 10-minute phone is all it takes to help you sell your house fast. We share how our process works and get details about the house and your current situation.

    Step 2: Schedule a Walkthrough

    Schedule an In-person 30-minute appointment for a member of our team and a contractor to walk through. Feel free to ask questions and tell us about your property.

    Step 3: Get a Fast Cash Offer

    If we like what we see, we’ll make an offer. If you accept the offer, we complete a contract that covers the details of the deal, including time to move, closing date, closing costs, etc.

    Step 4: Close the Sale

    We submit the contract to the title company and expect to close in as little as seven days. We pay all closing costs. On the day of closing, you walk away with a check.

    Why Should I Choose a Cash Sale When Selling Property During Separation?

    If a traditional home sale doesn’t work for you, a cash home sale offers a more practical solution for several reasons.

    You Avoid Financial Hardship during Divorce

    Divorce is expensive. For this reason, you may be unable to pay your mortgage payments and other living costs. We provide a cash offer for your home, allowing you to sell it and get out from underneath your mortgage. You can start fresh and get back on track financially.

    Expedite Your Divorce Settlement

    Selling a house during divorce can delay your settlement and derail your future plans. HouseMart speeds up the process by making an offer in 24 hours and closing the deal in as little as seven days. We pull out all the barriers to selling your house, so that you can sell right now instead of waiting several months for a deal to come through.

    Say Goodbye to Selling Expenses

    A traditional home sale may seem like a cash grab. However, when you factor in all the expenses, your profits quickly diminish. Home repairs, closings costs, and realtor fees can cost you thousands of dollars. Our cash home sale solution allows you to sell your house with costs - and we’ll pick up the bill. It eases the burden of an expensive sale.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Cash Home Sales During Divorce

    Is it legal to sell a house during a divorce in Indiana?

    Yes, it is legal to sell a house during a divorce in Indiana. Indiana law allows divorcing couples to sell their marital property as part of their divorce proceedings. However, it's essential to follow the legal process and obtain court approval if necessary, especially if there are disputes or disagreements about the sale. Consulting with an attorney familiar with Indiana divorce laws is advisable to navigate the process correctly.

    Is It Better to Sell Your House Before or After a Divorce?

    Selling your house before a divorce can often be a more straightforward and amicable approach, allowing both parties to fairly divide the proceeds. It can help avoid potential disputes and complications that may arise during divorce proceedings. However, individual circumstances may vary, and consulting with a legal advisor is advisable to determine the best course of action.

    How long do you have to sell a house after divorce?

    The timeline for selling a house after divorce can vary significantly depending on individual circumstances and agreements. In some cases, divorcing couples may decide to sell the house as soon as possible to divide the proceeds and move forward independently. Others may agree to a specific timeframe as part of their divorce settlement, while some may continue to co-own the property for an extended period.