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  • Sell your house when YOU want
  • Pay no closing costs, no realtor commissions
  • Sell your house as-is - no repairs, no renovations

    Get Your Fair & Honest All-Cash Offer Today! No Obligations!

    Or Call Us Now At 219-230-8735

    Sell Your House As-Is to HouseMart Inc

    If you’re a homeowner and need to sell your house fast, now is the time to contact HouseMart Inc. We are local home buyers in Munster, Indiana. We can make an offer on your home and help you close the sale fast so that you can relocate, pay your mortgage or get out of your current situation.

    When you work with HouseMart Inc, you avoid spending time and money on a traditional sale - no repairs, no closing costs, and no realtor commissions. We buy houses as-is regardless of the condition of your home or your circumstances. Contact HouseMart Inc today to schedule a walkthrough. all 219-230-8735 to get a fash cash offer. Sell your house fast in Munster, IN!

    Get a Munster Home Offer in Three Easy Steps

    It can be tough to sell your house in a competitive real estate market or challenging economy. If you attempt a traditional sale, you may not find a qualified buyer for several months. Fortunately, you have an alternative to a traditional sale. A cash sale can help you move your property quickly without incurring thousands of dollars in moving expenses. The process is simple.

    Step 1: Give Us a Call

    A quick 10-minute phone is all it takes to help you sell your house fast. We share how our process works and get details about the house and your current situation.

    Step 2: Schedule a Quick Walkthrough

    Schedule an In-person 30-minute appointment for a member of our team and a contractor to walk through.

    Step 3: Get a Fast Cash Offer

    If we like what we see, we’ll make an offer. If you accept the offer, we complete a contract that covers the details of the deal, including time to move, closing date, closing costs, etc.

    Step 4: Close the Sale

    We submit the contract to the title company and expect to close in as little as seven days. On the day of closing, you walk away with a check.

    We Work with Home Sellers in All Types of Situation

    Whether you are tied up in a legal situation, or you have damaged property, a sticky situation can keep you from selling your house so that you can move on. It can be frustrating if you need to relocate right away or sell your house fast to pay off your mortgage. HouseMart Inc can help you sell your home regardless of your circumstances. We work with home sellers in all types of situations, including

    How Can a Home Cash Sale Help You?

    Most homeowners never consider an alternative to a traditional sale. Instead, they contact a realty company to list their house on the real estate market. While this may work for some people, it may not be an ideal situation for you. If you need to sell your house quickly, there are several benefits to selling your house directly to a local buyer. 

    Realtor For Sale by Owner HouseMart Inc
    Commissions Fees 6 percent Zero Zero
    Closing Costs You pay up to 100% You pay up to 100% We Pay 100%
    Appraisal Required Yes Yes No
    Showings Yes Yes No
    Repairs Yes Yes No
    Avg. Selling Time 60 to 90 days 6 to 12 months 7 to 21 days

    Sell Your House When You Want

    On average, a traditional sale can take 60 to 90 days, plus an additional 30 to 45 days to close the sale. If you need to sell your house fast, you may not have several months. When you sell your house to a local buyer, you can get a fast cash offer in as little as 24 to 48 hours and close the sale within seven to 21 days.

    Avoid Home Repairs and Upgrades

    If you have a damaged or outdated house or an inherited property, you may need to make extensive repairs or renovations. It can take several months and thousands of dollars to make your house sellable. A home cash sale allows you to avoid repairs, upgrades, inspections, and appraisals. We buy houses as-is regardless of the condition of your property.

    Work Directly with Our Local Buyers

    Hiring a real estate agent to sell your house can save you some and may even help you find a buyer. However, you’ll also pay six percent in realtor commission. Plus, you still have to make repairs and pay closing costs. When you work with HouseMart Inc, you sell your home directly to a local buyer here in Munster. You eliminate all the complicated steps to unloading your property.

    We Buy Houses in the Munster, Indiana Area

    At HouseMart Inc, we work with homeowners across the Northern Indiana area. Many of our sellers come from these and other surrounding areas:

    Get a Fast Cash Offer from HouseMart Inc

    If you are ready to sell your house fast, we are here to help. US Vault can look at your house, make an offer, and close the sale quickly. We buy houses as-is in Munster, Indiana. Call 219-230-8735 today to get a fast cash offer.

      Get Your Fair & Honest All-Cash Offer Today! No Obligations!

      Or Call Us Now At 219-230-8735