June 17, 2022

Can I Sell My Northern Indiana House As-Is?

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Are you struggling to sell your damaged house or inherited property? Is the current real estate market making it more difficult for you to unload your property? If so, you may need a quick solution to help you sell your Northern Indiana house as-is. If a traditional sale isn’t working for you, contact a local home buyer in Northern Indiana. 

How can a local buyer help? They can assess your property, make a fair cash offer, and close the sale in seven to 21 days. You do not have to worry about renovating the house or hiring a realtor. You simply sell your house as-is for cash. A cash home sale can be convenient if you are in a situation where you need to relocate, downsize, or avoid a foreclosure.

What Does It Mean to Sell My Northern Indiana House As-Is?

There are essentially two ways to sell your house.

List Your House on the Market

The first way to sell your house is to list it on the market. You can either hire a realtor or attempt a For Sale by Owner (FSBO). To sell a damaged or old house on the market, you will need to make repairs, prepare the house for showings, find an interested buyer, and go through a closing process. This type of transaction is known as a traditional sale.

Sell Your House Privately to a Buyer

While a traditional sale is common, it is not always practical. If you have a damaged, old, or vacant house, you may need to consider a private sale to a local home buyer so that you can sell your house fast. In a private sale, you work directly with the buyer and bypass listing the house, hiring a realtor, or making repairs. This type of transaction is known as a cash sale.

Does My Current Situation Prevent Me from Selling My House?

In a traditional sale, your biggest concern is selling a house with considerable damage or needs a lot of upgrades. However, there may be other factors that prevent you from selling the house. For instance, if you are trying to avoid bankruptcy or foreclosure, you may not sell the house in time to avoid either. 

Thankfully, in a cash home sale, there is nothing preventing you from selling the property directly to the local buyer if they are willing to buy the house as-is. You can sell your house regardless of your situation or the condition of the property.

Bankruptcy Foreclosure Forbearance
Damaged house Distressed house Old house
Vacant house Downsizing Inherited Property
New job Relocation Rental House

What Are the Benefits of a Cash Home Sale?

There are several advantages to selling your Northern Indiana house as-is to a local home buyer instead of listing it on the market.

Avoid Selling Costs

To sell your house in the marketplace, you will likely need to make repairs or upgrades that make the property attractive and sellable. In addition, you are also responsible for paying realtor commissions and closing costs. You may also need to fork over money for marketing costs and to prepare to show your home. All these costs can add up, eating into your profits.

Work with One Buyer

In a traditional sale, you may have to show your house to several people and negotiate with several buyers. Even if you find an interested buyer, they will have to get approval from a lender, which can be difficult. In a cash home sale, you simply work with one local home buyer who is already qualified to buy the property and ready to commit to a quick sale.

Sell Your House When You Want

If you need to avoid bankruptcy, raise cash during probate, or move to another city, you do not have time to wait for an interested buyer or even repair the house. When you sell your house as-is for cash, you can sell your house right away. You can get an offer in as little as 24 hours and close the sale within a few weeks. This frees you up to downsize, relocate, or even avoid foreclosure. 

Work with a Local Home Buyer

If you can’t sell your house fast, you may get desperate and take the first offer that comes your way. However, a company that makes an offer without even looking at the house is likely out of town. If you want to get a fair cash offer at just under the market value of your house, your best option is to work with a local home buyer in Northern Indiana. 

How to Sell Your Northern Indiana House As-Is

Step 1: Contact a Local Home Buyer

The first step in selling your house as-is is to contact a local home buyer and schedule a quick walkthrough of the property. Don’t worry about renovations, repairs, or even cleaning the house. A local buyer will buy your house as-is.

Step 2: Get a Fair Cash Offer

Once you schedule a walkthrough, the buyer will assess the property. If they are interested in buying the house, they will make a fair cash offer. In most cases, the buyer will make an offer within 24 to 48 hours of the walkthrough.

Step 3: Get Paid Cash for Your House

If you accept the buyer’s offer, you will schedule a convenient closing date. Closing the sale is easy. Simply sign the paperwork and walk away with no strings attached. The buyer will pay all closing costs and other fees.

Sell Your House As-Is to HouseMart

If you are ready to sell your Northern Indiana house as-is, contact HouseMart. Let our home buyers make a fast cash offer and buy your house. You make no repairs or renovations. Call us today at 219-230-8735 to get a fast cash offer.

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